My technical library consists of 50,000 sheets of hard-to-find, vintage and out-of-business Elevator Companies’ wiring diagrams, manuals and engineering releases. They range from the early 1900s to date..
A new requirement by the elevator code all elevators must have a set of wiring diagrams located in the machine room no matter how old they might be. This not only helps the mechanic work on the equipment in a safer manor but it should make the repair much easier and quicker, thus saving you money on your repair bill. It should minimize the time involved with trouble shooting.
The wiring diagrams for the elevator system are the building owners property. If you’re in a bind with an elevator system that has a manufacturer that may have gone out of business or is really old, contact Jim at the e-mail address below.
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Pick up a copy of Elevator Man Stories: 40 Years of Stories in the Trade.
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